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ERSA Select Solder Machine



ERSA Select Solder Machine | 20 June, 2000

On the slect solder machine, what type of solder do you use bar or wire? How offten do you dross? How often do you clean the nozzel? Do you run different size pcb's? Are there any in Austin Texas or the area that we might see in action? How hard is the programming? What was the training time need for staff? Deb

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Re: ERSA Select Solder Machine | 7 July, 2000

We have an Ersa selective soldering machine here. We use the wire solder with the automatic feed. We dross and clean the pot roughly once a week. You can tell when it needs it by looking at the solder fountain. We do the nozzle at the same time. We currently run around4 different board sizes thru it. We are experimenting with pallets to see how repeatable they will be. The machine would be a lot better with a BOC system in it. We are located in Springfield, MA.


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