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Manohar Singh


BGA PLACEMENT | 19 June, 2000

We have Fuji IP3 Machine with SMD3 Vision system. We are in an attempt to place BGA on the PCB with IP-III. The BGA is a 256 Pin, the ball size on device is minimum-25 mils, maximum-35 mils, PCB pad size is 32 mils. We don't have any specific inspection system to verify correct placement of BGA on the PCB. We are equipped with simple 10X/4X Lens system for inspection. Kindly guide.

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Scott Schrieber


Re: BGA PLACEMENT | 29 June, 2000

There are Companies that do this type of inspection for you if you don't have x-ray equipment. We used a company called Glenbrook Technologies in New Jersey (973) 361-8866. The contact person was Steve. They supplied the film and even pointed out potential problems areas. Price was based on an hourly rate.

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