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Diffrent types of capacitors

Mohammed Saad


Diffrent types of capacitors | 18 June, 2000

Hi all, Do any one knows a usefull web site that could help me to identify diffrent types of capicitors ( Tantalum, cermic, multilayer.....) Many thanks in advance.


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Re: Diffrent types of capacitors | 19 June, 2000

Mohammed: Huuumm, identifying components, sounds like a dangerous thing to do, if you�re in the assembly business. ;^) Try: � "Component Identification Desk Reference Manual", with an IPC ordering code of DRM-18. This book is not a standard, but it is useful for part identification. � JEDEC standard you are looking for is Standard 95. This should be in the free download section of the web site. � I think Dummy Components sent us a component identification chart recently. Root around: - -

Finally, many component supplier sites post drawings of their components that may aid your efforts.

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