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SMT6000 Trays


SMT6000 Trays | 22 June, 2004

Has anyone been able to purchase SMT6000 trays for this Manual Pick & Place machine, both bisected and without a divider. I have only found one vendor and it is impossible to know what the delivery will be.

A vendor for the Carousel could be useful also.

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Paul Bosak


SMT6000 Trays | 3 November, 2005

I have a SMT6000 new with trays, make offer.

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SMT6000 Trays | 1 March, 2006

I have plenty of these trays if you still need them. Both divided and standard.

920-564-2700 x10

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SMT6000 Trays | 12 April, 2006


I am also looking for some of the trays for the SMT-6000. Any chance you have some left?

Thank you! Linda

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SMT6000 Trays | 8 February, 2007

Try Bomir inc and i have picked up the same trays from them.

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