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Fuji CP6 nozzle reflective disks

Peter Field


Fuji CP6 nozzle reflective disks | 13 June, 2000


We are using Fuji CP6 machines. The nozzles use those gloss yellow (sort of fluorescent) disks to provide contrast between the component and nozzle for centring.

My operators keep damaging the disks causing the machines to need recalibration. What I want is a source of the gloss yellow disk material so I can make up my own. Fuji won't supply, I have to buy new nozzles. Does anyone know what this material is, and where I can get hold of some?

Peter Field Grove Electronics.

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Re: Fuji CP6 nozzle reflective disks | 13 June, 2000

Dear Mr. Fields,

SMT Parts, USA (San Jose, CA) supplies the light dispertion disk for the CP6 nozzles.

Call Mr. David Lombard at 1-831-477-1518

Hope this helps.

Jason Robotham Tekmart

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Kevin Simpson


Re: Fuji CP6 nozzle reflective disks | 15 June, 2000

Hi Peter, The Disk you are refering to can be outsourced from several different vendors. The thing to be careful with is getting a consistant colored disk. You don't want to have etc... some dull/bright..etc. We have found one local vendor we use... Count-on Tools 770-538-0411. How is your operators damaging the discs??? Your machine would not need any type of calibration for this. You would need to perform a nozzle center teach. If you start using different colors you will see problems with center teaching. You might want to take a closer look though at what is going on with your discs.

Thanks, Kevin Simpson Npi Engineering Solectron Ga, 678-376-8375

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Re: Fuji CP6 nozzle reflective disks | 19 June, 2000

SMTRESEARCH.COM OR WPSALES are also options. There are lots of them out there who will supply just the discs, new nozzles, or do retips on your nozzles (cheaper) and all I've dealt with are cheaper than Fuji. As Kevin says your disc's need to be consistant or you run into center check problems. Also I agree you need to check what the operators are doing 'cause something is wrong there.


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