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Introduce Tablets to reduce dross



Introduce Tablets to reduce dross | 12 June, 2000

Is there any tablets to reducce Dross Produced by the chemical reaction of the solder pot.If there is ,please recommend and to what extent is the % reduction do we expected to see. thank you Panasert MPAV2 For this machine , is there any restrictions or any problem faced when running production and it uses a total kind of software(eg Screen)that is different from the older versions(MPA G1 , MV2C etc) thanks

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Re: Introduce Tablets to reduce dross | 13 June, 2000

Suan: I'll take the "easy half" of your question

I suspect you�re talking about Kleenox. It is a powder that you can sprinkle on your dross bed. Several points are: � Kleenox does not reduce dross. It reduces the amount of solder entrapped in dross. � Methods for reducing dross are: - Keep temperature LT 270�C - Run pump speed slower and only when soldering - Check solder contaminants to BS219, ASTM B32-66T - Use nitrogen tenting - Buy only low dross cast bar

One tiny warning on Kleenox, one chemical byproduct of the dross reduction process is fluorine gas. Not much of it, but enough to be irritating to the operators without breathing equipment or great ventilation.

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