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Paper Or Plastic / PSA Or Heat Sealed



Paper Or Plastic / PSA Or Heat Sealed | 5 June, 2000

Is anyone having trouble with PSA (pressure sensitive adhesive) cover tape used with embossed plastic tape? I am placing 0402 components out of embossed plastic tape with PSA cover tape. The feeders gum up, the take up reels are impossible to remove, and the feeders need extra maintenance. We actually have to hand unwind the PSA tape off the take up reels due to how gummed up they are. The worst part is this PSA cover tape causes the feeders to advance roughly. The rough advance causes the components to turn in the embossed plastic pockets and hence causes mispicks. I also see the cover tape delaminate off the tape when the reel of components is not even on the machine. These components come from multiple vendors and these problems appear on three diferent brands of pick and place equipment. I have even had 3M in to look at the problem. As far as I'm concerned, nothing beats punched paper tape with heat sealed cover.



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Re: Paper Or Plastic / PSA Or Heat Sealed | 7 June, 2000

Compared to paper tape, I find a higher defect rate on 0402 components in plastic tape even without the PSA tape. The plastic tape appears to be less shock absorbent and this may be the reason for feeding problems on small components. PSA tape has its niche for subcontractors taping a small lot of IC's with manual or semi automatic taping machines. It surprises me to see 8 mm taped components with PSA tape, because the cost per package is significantly higher.

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