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AQL of pcb assemblies



AQL of pcb assemblies | 5 June, 2000

We would like to gauge or precentage of production line failures to industry standard AQL level. What would be an acceptale AQL level for assembled pcb's or finished units leaving the factory?

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Raeto Zryd


Re: AQL of pcb assemblies | 14 June, 2000

Hi Jason,

Zero defect is the only acceptable quality!! U need to ask yourself how capable is your process and how well is you quality system set up. No point in setting goals unatainable or beeing forced upon by management if the root problems of the quality issues are not recognised or known. Suggest u familiarize yourself with SPC, Record defects, create pareto charts and focus on the most occuring issues. Eliminate these one after the other till all of them are gone and voala your on top of it. Continues improfement in my opinion is the most important driver towards quality. There is lots of great literature available on Quality on the net. Remember the goal is not to create defective products, and Quality can not be testet into products. If u need more infos, feel fre to email me. C U Raeto

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