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MPM Motion cards


MPM Motion cards | 31 August, 2004

Hello All,

We have our MPM AP25, S/N: 6791 down due to problems with the following cards:

- P1280 - Digital Motion Controller - PC101 - Motion Interface Board

These boards are obsolete and are not in stock, we would like to know if you may have these cards and you can sell to us, or know someone who may have a broken machine and would like to sell them to us.

Please reply this message if you think you can help us. Thanks in advance for your help.

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MPM Motion cards | 1 September, 2004

Hello Since we carry a very large assortment of MPM spare parts I feel sure that we have them in stock. Call us at 740-344-4260 And this is not the place to be looking for replacement parts. Cancel your posting and I will do also. harry

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