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New Search Capability!



New Search Capability! | 2 June, 2000

A new and more powerful search function will be in place on SMTnet by noon Friday June 2nd. The new search feature allows you to search all of the SMTnet components individually and have the results displayed to you more quickly than under the previous search. In addition, this new feature allows you to conduct a search across all site components for a particular item (e.g., search for BGA in Electronics Forum, Career Center, Industry Directory, etc.). You can then see the detail (i.e., directory entry, forum message, etc.) by clicking on a specific item listed in the results returned. The search also allows you to specify the number of items to list on a page.

Instructions regarding the use of wildcards and logical expressions (e.g., AND and OR) is available through a �Search Tips� pop-up window within the search block located on the left hand side of the forms. In most cases you simply select from a drop list the component you want to search in (e.g., Forum, Directory, etc.), specify the value or values to search for (e.g., BGA) and press the search button. Have fun with it!

We here at SMTnet are excited about this new feature and hope you find it useful when you visit the site. One of our new web developers, Brian Doyle, took the lead in developing this new feature and was backed up by Neil Peaslee and Mike Bryant when putting it into place on our site. I�m taking this opportunity to publicly thank them for their efforts as to well as to thank the rest of the staff here for their support of them and the feedback they provided through the development and testing process. Good job folks! Kudos to you!

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