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Solder Mask problem


Solder Mask problem | 1 June, 2000

I am having a problem with the green solder mask flaking off exposing bare copper. The mask was defective from the board manufacturer. My problem is the boards are already assembled and we are just finding the problem. Is there a standard that covers this problem? If the board is to be put in a plastic housing in an office environment can if be left go? What kind of problems could this cause?

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Re: Solder Mask problem | 1 June, 2000

Jeremy: Standards: � A-600 talks about percentage of solder mask loss allowed, according to the location (eg, laminate, bare copper, gold or nickel, melting metals) and equipment class. � A-610 talks to "Solder Resist Coating - Voids & Blisters" by considering: - Voids not bridging conductors. - Not creating hazardous conditions ... loose mask flakes getting loose and enmeshed in moving parts or lodging between conductive surfaces. - Flux, cleaning agents, or what not being trapped under mask areas.

You have to assess the situation based on the factors of the above standards for your Class 2 (???) equipment.

Consider conformal coating these boards, if your boards don't meet A-610.


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