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ISO 14000 Registrars

Keith Luke


ISO 14000 Registrars | 31 May, 2000

The number of registrars offering ISO 14000 certification for the electronics manufacturing industry are almost too numerous to count. I would like to know which registrars manufacturers are actually using, and if you have taken advantage of their associated consulting services, or only for actual registration and recertifaction.


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Re: ISO 14000 Registrars | 1 June, 2000

We use our ISO-14000 registrar the same as we use our ISO-9000 registrar ... get 'em in, agree that they've found something to write you up on, pay your $50k bribe for another years worth of cert, and get them out of the plant. When they're rippin' you for cert, why give them any additional business?


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