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GSM1 Multi Pitch Feeders



GSM1 Multi Pitch Feeders | 29 May, 2000

Hi Guys, Has anyone of you ever tried a GSM1 Multi Pitch Feeders with a GSM1 UPS Version 1.3.5 ? I've Inquired with Universal guys and they said that they have not tried this feeders with this old software rev but they said that there shouldn't be a problem.

If you had some experience on the above please kindly inform me how you did it and what are the problems you have encountered.

Thanks and regards,

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Re: GSM1 Multi Pitch Feeders | 30 May, 2000

I thought I saw that there is a retro kit required to supply the proper power to the multi pitch feeders from older machines. Check the Universal web site for info on the multi pitch I think that is where I read about it...

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Kris W


Re: GSM1 Multi Pitch Feeders | 30 May, 2000


The only difference that I am aware of is that you have to change the component definition to match the feeder. The Multi-pitch feeders locate the tape in a different location than the standard feeders. We have been using the multi-pitch feeders on GSM-1s with software ranging from rev. .99 to 3.1 without any other issues.

Best of luck!


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