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DEK 265 opinions needed please

Dane Stokes


DEK 265 opinions needed please | 24 May, 2000

I would like to here some opinions from the industry on the DEK 265 models. All feed back positive or negative would be welcome. Main concerns are the Vortex and Proflow options are they worth the cost, or do they just add complications and extensive maintenance issues?

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Re: DEK 265 opinions needed please | 24 May, 2000

I work with a Dek 265 horizon, and i like the machine it`s very good. In this machine i work with Proflow, in the begine i have some problems but now it`s work very nice. It�s more expencive, but the stencil it�s more durable, the machine it`s more clean, etc... Sory but i never work with vortex. If you need more imformation send an e-mail.


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Re: DEK 265 opinions needed please | 26 May, 2000

Generally a good and safe option when selecting a printer, A rhobust machine with good process capabilities. We print anything from 0402's to CCGA's using proflow, as well as print adhesive with no problems. The 265 ranges from the MK1 TO Infinity model. ( My personal preferance being the GSX model.) The drawbacks in my experiences are : The 2D vision can be slow and can increase cycle time significantly, the autoflex option is not as effective as they make it out to be, the finepitch autoflex option it sligthly better (but be prepared to pay the extra ). Currently we have just upgraded our tooling to the Formflex,Also they have a range of cameras for this series of machine ensure you choose the correct that will satisfy all your products and stencil types. Do not hesitate to contact me via email if you need further information.


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Re: DEK 265 opinions needed please | 26 May, 2000

I have worked with MPM and GSP (fuji) and the DEK. I have had the least problems with the DEK. Kept having software issues with the MPM although I have heard some having good experiences. We used the GSP for the through hole but needed new vaccum plates *another cost* but also reliable. The DEK we used for the surface mount and is very good with auto flex which I also like. Easy to program on the fly such as in the proto lab... It was a DEK265GSX we also have the old and they work also just different auto flex spacing on the pins. Cant remember the model number though...

Hope this helps..


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