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Passive component shear Testing

Scott G


Passive component shear Testing | 22 May, 2000

Can anybody provide information on shear testing of passive components.

What standards are used etc.


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Re: Passive component shear Testing | 23 May, 2000

Scott: Sounds like fun: � Solder joint strength in pull/shear varies with lead geometry, solder volume, lead metal/metallization, and the test method. � Among things, IPC-TM-650 talks to getting pads off-of boards. For instance: Method 2.4.8 is for peeling copper from laminates w/a Instron machine. Method 2.4.21 measures peeling of cooper pads after multiple rework cycles. � The force to peel copper from laminate should be about 6 pound-inch, depending on bla bla bla. It will take some where between 4 and 12 pound-inches to peel J-leads from your boards. � I know of no test method for shearing leads from pads. I�m not sure why you think this would be a realistic test. � Either way, copper/epoxy bond should give-up before solder.

Good luck Dave F

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