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Software to test


Software to test | 8 January, 2005


I was wondering if anyone of you would like to test our software before we go release. The plan is to release that soft some time before March 2005. But before that I want to get people to use it with hopes that they will "brake" something...

That soft creates Assembly sequence and Feeder placement, very very usefull to speed up production, pretty much you tell us what machinery you have and what pcb you have to assemble and we compute how to assemble it and how to place your feeders. is the website, Downloads section for the software. Fotware is free to download but you need to have an account on a server for things to work. Normally we charge small fee for a testing account but I can make exceptions, I just need to get as many people on it as possible. No obligations, no commitments you get free service, and I get full proof testing in real environment, and you can stop using it any time.

I already have some people using it, but that is not enough, I want to test our server for the load, and I can't get enough people to run it, I need at least 10 - 15 hits every hour or so.

If you have any questions you can either reply in that thread, or email me at, either way I'll try to answer all the questions.

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