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unsoldered smt board assy shipping



unsoldered smt board assy shipping | 17 May, 2000

The smt world is new to me and I have a lot of learning to do. I need some recommendations as to best way to ship partially assembled circuits. The board is question is double sided. One side is smt and the other is thru hole. Our plan is to have the smt parts assembled with adhesive and shipped to us for completion of assembly and finally wave solder. We are getting mixed advice. Some tell us this will be no problem if the adhesive is properly cured and others say the parts will fall off unless solder is done as well adhesive before shipment. Does anyone have any experience in this area or any ideas how to proceed?

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Travis Slaughter


Re: unsoldered smt board assy shipping | 18 May, 2000

You should be able to do it with the proper epoxy. I found one several years ago that was so strong during the sheer test the board delaminated and gave before the glue. I did not go with it for rework reasons, that�s something you might want to think about. Anyway with really strong epoxy and carefully packaged I would not expect to have to put a lot of the parts back on when they get to you, there will be some though.

Good luck with it.

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Re: unsoldered smt board assy shipping | 19 May, 2000

I did this at one point and found that the handleing is critical. What usually happened is that two of the PCBs would touch and the edge of one would scrape the parts off the other. I tried a couple of different epoxys and ended up with a CIBA product which was a little more durable but a great deal of care still had to be used in shipping. You may have better luck with newer epoxy types

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