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Question on ESD Smocks

Ashok Dhawan


Question on ESD Smocks | 16 May, 2000

For a typical assembly facility ( where assembly of circuit cards and shelves is carried out), what are usual recommendation for : 1.Ambient conditions ( Temp and Relative Humidity) 2.Use of Smocks

If humidity is less than 40%, what are special provisions taken to take of static charge. I guess there are number of facilities where humidity is below 30% for most or part of year, what measures do they take to satisfy customers that ESD is still not an issue.

And question related to Smocks. Are there facilities where Smocks are not used ? The question came up as EIA-625 states that if smocks are used , then ....... That means, use of smocks is not mandatory.


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Re: Question on ESD Smocks | 16 May, 2000

Ashok: Haven't unloaded that ESD Coordinator job yet have you?

Smocks: Don't work, they're hot, and no one likes them, but they put up with them (sort of). Now if they knew they didn't work, all the customer PR in the world wouldn't help.

The big problem with smocks working is connecting the conductive threads between the fron left, front right, back, left sleeve, and right sleeve together and then connecting the snaps to the threads. And that's before you buy them. You still have to make sure they haven't disconnected after cleaning and rough-housing.

No, smocks are not a necessary part of your program, but they sure look good. And you don't need a dress code.

Humidity: Winter gets dry doesn't it? You can add a mister to your heating system to add humidity when it starts getting dry.

No humidity control is not a necessary part of you damage control program, but it's tough to fight that it helps keep that flaky skin off your boards ... eyeoooo izat where those flakes came from? Don't worry they're organic and non-ionic. Cool!!!

Go get 'em Dave F

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