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Piezoelectric-Noise problem due to cable


Piezoelectric-Noise problem due to cable | 2 March, 2005

Hello, We are using a film piezo electric sensor to deduct and measure vibrations. A long twisted pair shielded cable is used to connect the sensor to the signal conditioning unit (the signal conditioning unit has to be kept at a distance from the sensor). We are not able to measure the sensor signal because of the noise effect. The vibration signal is very much less when compared to the cable signal that we can detect the changes due to capacitive effect caused by the people moving near and around the setup. We tried using a high impedance Instrumentation amplifier and also a Charge Amplifier to reduce the noise. These were the two methods I got from literature as solutions to this problem, but it did not help us. Please let me know if anyone has faced a similar problem and was able to overcome it.


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