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paul richardson


dpmo | 9 May, 2000

Can someone give me DPMO numbers that are considered "world class" (if there is such a number) for... a)solder joints b)placement I appreciate any input that will get me closer to a number that will appease the bosses AND be realistic. thanks pr

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Michael Parker


Re: dpmo | 17 May, 2000

Paul- Start with apples to apples comparison. What world class product are you building that would benefit from a benchmark comparison? Other than that, if you are just starting then crunch the numbers, find the highest values, do continuous improvements and bring the numbers down. As long as things trend in the right direction the boss should applaud your efforts. You might start with defintion of the MO's. Make it Mo's of placements. Once you get everything under 100, then complicate it by MO's of solder joints and do it again.

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Dirk McCoy


Re: dpmo | 18 May, 2000

I have heard the following from various sources (that I believe) that apply to volume manufacturers as of late last year:

dpmo with BGAs- 300 dpmo with .020" pitch- 75 dpmo with 0402s and .020" pitch- 40

Our lines run around 90-200, but have some products with 10 (alot of 0805s) and some with 500 (soft gold and fine pitch).

Anybody else want to share some data?

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Moss Dore


Re: dpmo | 19 May, 2000

Just on the basis of initiating a DPMO measurement system, can anyone point me in the right direction as to web sites/articles etc. TIA Moss

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