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DEK underscreen cleaning


DEK underscreen cleaning | 10 April, 2005

hi guys, Iam going to run evaluation on DEK 288 underscreen cleaning efficiency. The purpose of this run is to determine the best setting for underscreen cleaning.

Could anyone who familiar with DEK 288 share with me you experience on the underscreen efficiency.


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DEK underscreen cleaning | 14 April, 2005

hi! below are the item need to check: 1)top plate condition(under screen squeegee). 2)under screen clean contact position(with stencil) 3)make sure the thickness of wiper paper not so thick(not over 6o gm)becaue it will effect the vacuum suction. 4)stander setting for cleanning mode is wet,vaccum,dry.( vacuum mode much slow). 5)make sure under screen paper drive clatch not lock too tide.(it will effect paper up down contact problem). 6)check the solvent tub and solvtent tank(air pressure)make no leaking. 7)use white board maker pen draw vatical or holizotal line under side the stencil and load inside the machine ,test run with wet , vacuum,dry mode.after that unload the stencil n see the cleanning efficiency.ok all the best. from: teera.

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DEK under stencil wipes


DEK underscreen cleaning | 21 April, 2005

hello! i am vera,we can supply the under stencil wipes for 'JUKI','MPM','SANYO','FUJI','DEK','YAMAHA'etc.brand. if you are interesting,you can visit and contact me via Thanks! Vera 2005/04/21

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DEK underscreen cleaning | 21 April, 2005

Wet/Dry/Vac is pretty standard. We mostly use Wet/Dry/Dry.

Nice to see that I am not the only one still using the 288 machine.

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