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PCB design software | 7 May, 2000

I just saw following posting on one of the newsgroups.

Any Comments ?

AMS is proud to announce 32 bit version of Circuit Creator(tm)- low cost High Performance Electronic CAD software. It consists of Schematic Capture called Logic Creator(tm), PCB Layout called Board Creator(tm),Auto Router called Route Creator(tm) and Symbol Creator(tm). The price for Pro version is $695, Standard version is $295, and limited time upgrade price is $195. For further info please visit our web site.

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Re: PCB design software | 8 May, 2000

Jay: Can't harly beat the price, eh?

Every year or so "Printed Circuit Design" Magazine ( ???) bench mark board software. Their benchmarks are on their site. How about using them to evaluated your software? And comparing that rating against more established boxes?

Good luck Dave F

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