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Selective soldering justification

Serge Richard


Selective soldering justification | 3 May, 2005

Is there a justification to buy a selective soldering in a high mix/low volume production?

Which machine do you recommend?

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Selective soldering justification | 9 May, 2005

We are a high mix/low volume shop (avg. lot size is about 60). Hand solder was a bottleneck, so we looked into selective machines. We purchased a Vitronics-Soltec mySelective and are very happy with it so far. Although it has a large footprint, everything is internal to it, including the preheat and x-y fluxer. When comparing machines, make sure that the machines you are comparing have the same options. As far as time savings go, we had one board go from 2 hours/board in hand solder to 30 minutes (including insertion, selective soldering, and inspection). We had another go from 1 hour/board to 15 minutes. The selective machines really save time on connectors/headers. Most are very flexible to help deal with the varied board types that you have. You will probably have to use pallets occasionally, due to clearance issues of certain parts. Quality is also a big advantage. The biggest issue, eventually, will be time on the machine to do programming. Programmin and trouble shooting take quite a bit of time, depending on the board. Take a look at nitrogen generators as well, as liquid tanks can get expensive.

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Selective soldering justification | 9 May, 2005

They are expensive so you need to have a lot of jobs that take a long time to hand solder or have a ton of masking. Also look at bottom side wave soldering, if you are having a lot of defects, the selective will allow you to solder both sides in surface mount so you dont need to wave the bottoms to hit the SMT parts. Also can do big parts on top and bottom if you dont bottom side wave. We have a Ersa Versaflow. I looked at a few others. They all looked good but we got it at an auction and was a good deal. it works very well. If you run wide panels be carfull, bowing makes a big difference if you need to get the nozzle close. The maintanance on a selective is a lot more than with a wave and the programming is more like a pick and place, it takes time. After having one, I dont know how anyone could live without one.

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Selective soldering justification | 12 May, 2005


What are advantages and disadvantages of selective sodlering process? Does anyone have any experience with selective soldering machines SEHO? Is it possible soldering of through-hole pins on PCB close to high frequency of the SMT componenets i.e. distance low than 3mm. I have heard, that critical is paralellism between PCB and nozzle. Is that right?

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Selective soldering justification | 12 May, 2005

Ersa Versaflow has a nozzle we use for soldering 70 pin connectors, with smt parts 3mm from the leads. As far as soldering through hole (without the tight SMT parts)It's reliable, easy to program and very good quality joints. Your advantages are speed and quality over hand soldering, disadvantages are it's much slower than wave.

good luck, pr

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