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The bent ones.......



The bent ones....... | 2 May, 2000


I am looking for some guidelines which can tell me when gullwing and finepitch leads are too damamged to repair. Copper gets hard when bent and the electrical resistance increases. When a finepitch component gets dropped a lot of pins need staightening up, but when is a component not worth saving? How do you setup some instuctions the operators can follow?


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Re: The bent ones....... | 3 May, 2000

Joe ... What is it with you and bent leads, bud???

One angle that you might take is taking to folk that reclaim components from stuffed, but obsolete boards. Try: Chip Pro 10390 E. Lakeview Drive #206 Scottsdale, AZ 85258 480-860-5790 Fax 8366 Processing Facility 1610 No. Freeway 35E #214 Carrollton, TX 75006 972-242-9455 fax 8497 Handy & Harman 800.421.0441 fax203.289, 6494 Fox Electronics, 309EBrokawRd.,SanJose, CA 408.437.1577fax9299 Jeff Smith NICR 800.950.3344 Jesse Smith x1837

Good luck Dave F

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