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Quad optimizer


Quad optimizer | 2 May, 2000

We have some Quad (QSA-30) machines, and i get better results when i optimize a program manually of the one that when i utilize the optimizer of the machine. Somebody knows a better software, than i stop using a manually optimizer. Sory me English. �ngelo

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Bob Paniaha


Re: Quad optimizer | 2 May, 2000

Angelo, I have a few questions for you? 1. What version of software are you using? 2. Do you remove the tape feeders from the base before optimizing in the software? This must be done or it will leave the feeders where they were, which will degrade the results. 3. If you have further questions, you can call Quad Systems@ 1-888-782-3349 push 1 for technical support

Good Luck Bob

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