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Excess capacity

Mark Charlton


Excess capacity | 3 May, 2000

Does anyone know a formula for determining my "Excess Capacity"? I know my machine's up AND down time, the effective placement rate, and my idle time. If my manager asks me what out "excess capacity" is, how do I use my "knowns" and calculate an accurate answer.


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Re: Excess capacity | 3 May, 2000

Mark, I guess while your machine sits idle, it could do boards. While the machine processes boards it breaks down by a certain percentage rate. I would multiply the placement rate with the idle time, multiplied by uptime divided by hundred. 10.000 ( comp/per hour ) X 3 hours ( idle time ) X 99 ( percent uptime )/ 100 = 29.700 comp/ per hour excess capacity. Again, this is just a guess and some very serious managers don't like guesses as an answer. Stefan

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