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clean glue stencil

Van Hoang Dinh


clean glue stencil | 7 March, 2000

I have few problems below,

1.I had problem with clean glue stencil at the midle of the process and after the process. 2.Very hard to Fix the bridging on the (close pin) connectors through the wave. Anyone can help on this. Thanks Van

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Re: clean glue stencil | 9 March, 2000

Van Hoang: Welcome to SMTnet!!!! Regarding your problems:

1. Cleaning glue: Check the SMTnet archives. For instance, a recent thread was: cleaning glue off of stencils - pr 13:41:43 03/03/2000

2. Bridging on the wave: Bridging on the wave has many potential causes. Wadja say we try to narrow our focus by you giving us some information about: * Extent of the problem: New problem, old problem, many boards, few boards, all leads, some leads (where?), few leads (where?), etc * Connector: Lead material, lead pitch, solderability, etc * Board: Material, layers, pad size, ground planes, component orientation to the wave, solderability, etc * Process: Flux, fluxer type, conveyor speed, preheater temperature, solder temperature, dwell time, conveyor angle, etc * Process controls: Flux specific gravity, flux activity, flux cleanliness, flux coverage, solder analysis results, etc

Good luck

Dave F

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