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quoting assembly work

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Bruce Anderson


quoting assembly work | 16 September, 2005

We have just launched a new contract assembly house and I was wondering if there was anybody out there that had an honist formula for calculating labor cost for the purpose of bidding assembly work, "is there a good canned software package that actually works for this industry" in our geographic area prices can range by as much as 100% on the same assemblies. what is the average burden rate for an assembly house utilizing automation for SMT and thru-hole, what is an acceptable proffit margin that will insure longevity of an assembly house with out gouging the customer. I know these are tuff answers to provide but any information provided would be helpfull.

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quoting assembly work | 16 September, 2005

Get a hold of a couple different contract manufacturers with some fake jobs. Than see how they map out their quoting and assembly process. I know we map out the whole overall cost and break it down for the customer. But for competitive reasons I can't help anymore than what I wrote.

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