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Wave Rider

Donnie DeYoung


Wave Rider | 11 April, 2000

I'm needing some info in regards to the usage of a Wave Rider. What is it basically used for? I have to implement one into our process and I'm trying to find out what some others use it for. This is going to take the place of our Slim Kic and glass plate. Does anyone really utilize all the software provided, or just the basic spreadsheet and data sheet? Any info will be appreciated.


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Re: Wave Rider | 11 April, 2000

Donnie: Chrys wrote two excellent commentaries of the wave rider that are in the SMTnet archives.

Yano the key thing for me in this? If you can't figure the usefulness of the wave rider, I imagine you either have: 1 Developed alternate approaches to WS process control that are just as good ... OR 2 Need for more fundamental WS process control that having a fancy tool like wave rider won't help.

My 2� Dave F

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