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Tester Source

Gary Moravchik


Tester Source | 7 April, 2000

Good Afternoon..... This message is for the "packaging" types in our industry. I am seeking the source of a PIND Tester (Particle Impact Noise Detector). It is used to detect whether loose bodies or contaminants may be present in a hybrid package after the lid has been attached. Any ideas as to who builds a tester of this type? Please advise. Thanks. Gary (GMoravchik).

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Re: Tester Source | 8 April, 2000

Hi Gary: Generally:∏UCTNAME=Acoustic%20Emission%2FPIND%20Testers

LR has a couple of used B&Ws for sale at:

But the coolest, low cost approach is at:

Have fun Dave F

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