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CP6 Servo Amp



CP6 Servo Amp | 4 April, 2000

One of our Servo Amp that controls the X table motor drive went bad and was replaced with a new one. I want to play around with the one that went bad and see if I can fix it. What I need is someone to help me who had experienced with fixing the servo amp and at least give me a starting point on what to look for.

Thanks, Hermie

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Re: CP6 Servo Amp | 4 April, 2000

Does Fuji America have a trade in program? I know they used to on vision cards and such. It may be worth your while to get a trade in allowance rather than none at all.

The alternative, as you mentioned, is to repair it yourself. This however, will prove to be difficult. How exactly do you "calibrate" it once repaired? You may put your machine servo(s) at risk experimenting. (If they are digital amps it really increases the complexity) But if your a gambler, start with the servo output drivers. Those are the hardest worked devices in the unit other than the power supply...without schematics your gonna bang your head against a wall getting that deep...

I'd rather do a hundred thermal profiles than repair a servo amp. I mean why search out punnishment?

Good luck


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