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Solderability | 27 October, 2005


We are trying to solder a a contact whose base material is stainless steel, this is then nickel striked with a gold plating of upto 3 microns. We are trying to hand solder this to a standard 1.6 FR4 PCB with a HASL finish. We are seeing problems such as non-wetting ,dewetting and solder peel-back. We have tryed tinning these contacts, but it does not seem to have made much difference. Any advice would be much appreciated.


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Solderability | 27 October, 2005

Only one way to do the impossible. Do this with "pink death" flux that has been around since soldering was invented (about 3000 years ago) but ask MoonMan at and visit


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Solderability | 27 October, 2005

S62-325XM3 from Cobar - we used this for soldering all sorts of battery terminations to pcbs, & did a better job than every other paste we ever tried.

The flux is so agressive it sits in the corner growling.

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Solderability | 31 October, 2005

Hi as this has a gold flash the nickle should be active an not require strong fluxes, i would suggest either your not getting enough heat into it (unlikely if your seeing dewetting). or that you have a plating problem the nickle has oxidised before the gold has been applied. if the strong flux works it would prove this point.After all one of the reasons for the gold is to preserve the solderable fininsh of the nickle. if the parts are small try a wettability test in a solder bath.

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