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Cracked Joints & Ultrasonic Welding

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Cracked Joints & Ultrasonic Welding | 1 November, 2005


I am experiencing cracked solder joints on ceramic resonators after the ultrasonic plastic weld process. PCB assy is placed into plastic housing and then housing halves are ultrasonic welded. Not a soldering problem. I know this component is thickfilm technology and therefore has no lead compliance at all. Anyone ever see problems with solder joints after ultrasonic plastic welding?



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Cracked Joints & Ultrasonic Welding | 1 November, 2005

Can't say too much about the solder joints issue, but about a decade ago we did have a lot of problems with resonators being damaged by harmonics from Ultrasonic board washing & Ultrasonic welding.

However this mostly manifested itself as cracking in the joining of the internal element to the end termination; the susceptability depended on the vibration mode of the resonator.

The only other major culprit for resonator damage was incorrect Z- height adjustment on the insertion machine.

When you say thickfilm technology do you mean Surface accoustic Wave?

Just a thought, but the board isn't being flexed when it's placed into/or seated in the enclosure is it?



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