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AOI proposal

Jacqueline Coia


AOI proposal | 3 April, 2000

Hi there, Just looking for a little informative feedback on an AOI proposal. Along with the test department we are about to embark on a feasibility study on using National Instruments' 'Labview image aquisition'(h/ware + s/ware) as an alternative to a standard AOI system. Has anyone ever done this before and if so, is it successful and to what category can it be used to ie/ pattern recognition or an adaptive knowledge based processing system? Thanks in advance. Jack

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S. Evers


Re: AOI proposal | 3 April, 2000

Why would you want to do that?

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Jacqueline Coia


Re: AOI proposal | 4 April, 2000

Why not? The same system is already successfully used in other areas of industry, we are already familiar with Labview applications as they are implemented for some of our functional tests. From what I have seen so far it seems viable and less expensive as standard systems and if you worked in my company you would understand why the 'less expensive' part of that is very important.


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Peter Loten


Re: AOI proposal | 16 October, 2000

It depends how you value things. I know lots of companies just look at equipment costs, but if you include development time, you may find it very expensive: and it may not work anyway. Generally you can by a tru AOI Sanning system for about �35K and a full inline system of the highest spec. for around �85K. These are real installed and trained costs.

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