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feeder extension



feeder extension | 26 March, 2000

I'm looking for a extension arm to fit on a Zevatech 8mm feeder which will allow us to use a 13" reel instead of the standard 7" reel. Does anyone make these or will I have to buld my own???

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Jon Wentz


Re: feeder extension | 29 March, 2000

Hi Dave,

What feeder model do you have? I took a quick look in my parts list manual and again, depending on your feeder model, you might be able to buy the needed part(s) from Zevatech/Juki. Have you checked with them yet? For example, the main feeder castings for a NF08N (8mm 7" reel) and a NF8LN (8mm "large diameter" reel) APPEARS the same. PN E6414-705-0A0 (swing plate A assembly) would be all you would need for the conversion. Plus, the larger swing plate assembly has four positions for 7" to 13" reel diameters. Might not be the cheapest way to go but its an option.

Good Luck! Jon

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