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SMT low volume

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SMT low volume | 16 December, 2005


I am planning to buy second hand Mydata TP9 machine for very small series production. Can anyone tell me his experience with this machine (in particular placement of 0402 as claimed in the spec brochure)

Also interested in comments about manual stencil printers - is it possible to have good results for fine pitch and 0402?

Thank you very much for your tips and comments.

Best Regards,


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SMT low volume | 16 December, 2005

Call me crazy if you will but I believe you can actually get better and more consistent results using a manual printer or at least a semi-auto over a fully automatic one. Look into a late model MPM SPM and you'd be quite pleased with it.

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SMT low volume | 17 December, 2005

Fastek, i believe your right something manual or semi will work great... don't waste time or money buying that fully auto printer, they all do that same Sh&t... i have 2 TP-11 and think you should be ok placing the 0402 using the C14 tool and mechanical centering ofcourse on a TP-9. i would look out for magazine errors, i see some feeding issues for example components fliping, poping out of the pockets etc...

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