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cleaning glue off of stencils



cleaning glue off of stencils | 3 March, 2000

Is it o.k. to clean my glue stencils in the same IPA stencil cleaner I use for solder paste? Also if anyone with experience in stenciling glue can lead me away from first time pitfalls I would appreciate that as well.

thanks in advance, pr

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Michael Parker


Re: cleaning glue off of stencils | 3 March, 2000

Your best answer for determining cleaning method is to contact your stencil supplier and follow their recommendation. Periodic inspection of your apertures (using microscope, or minimum 10x magnification) would also be a good idea to make sure that glue build-up is not blocking the apertures.

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Re: cleaning glue off of stencils | 3 March, 2000

Yes it is Ok and some folks ae doing it now, but unfortunatly IPA may not be the best solvent for this application. Take a small vial of the ipa and put some of your smt adhesive into it, shake it up and watch what happens, now step this up onto a larger scale in the current process...... Another issue is, can I effectively filter and not redeposit it on any mis-print pwa's that go into the unit. Contact me off line for more info.

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Jon Wentz


Re: cleaning glue off of stencils | 6 March, 2000

Hi PR,

FYI,some adhesives harden within the stencil apertures with IPA if not cleaned well. We used Heraeus PD955PY and had to closely inspect our cleaning process of the stencil. Just another tip, ask your adhesive vendor for their recommendation on printer set-up, squeegee material ("hardness"if poly.),etc. You might even get them to help with your process set-up!

Good Luck! Jon

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Dane Stokes


Re: cleaning glue off of stencils | 8 March, 2000

We use loctite to print with before begining testing on printing we asked loctite for the best cleaning solvent for there product. loctite had there own solvent that was designed to break down the propertys of their glue mix. Contact glue supplier and ask the stenci supplier also if you want.

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