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Printers - DEK vs Speedprint

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Robert Steltman


Printers - DEK vs Speedprint | 30 January, 2006

We are a Contract Manufacturer in South Africa. We currently have a Speedprint SP200AVI fully automatic printer with 2D vision etc etc. We require a second fully automatic printer and are busy evaluating a DEK Horizon 03i.

We have found good points and bad points in both printers, however the Speedprint seems to be a more "new age" in its approach to setup etc. I would love to get the opinion of others who have used both makes. Any comments welcome.


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Printers - DEK vs Speedprint | 1 February, 2006

Hi Robert

I am unable to comment on the two machines in question as we never choose to knock the competition. But you might like to also consider the following fully auto screen printer which was released at Productronica last year.



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