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  • What are Run-of-Site ads?
  • Run-of-site ads are placed to rotate on all SMTnet pages. They appear randomly in all SMTnet sections. In case of Equipment Traders, their ads appear most often in the Used Equipment Marketplace, Parts & Supplies, Equipment Auctions sections. The frequency of ad appearance depends on the purchased advertising package and total number of ads a customer is running.
  • What banner sizes are accepted on SMTnet?
    • Full Banner (468x60px)
    • Square Banner (125x125px)
    • Mini Skyscraper (120x240px)
    • Medium Skyscraper (160x300px)
    • Text Ad (max 125 characters)
    • SMTnet Homepage Button (100x50px)
    • Section Button* (100x50px)
  • What are targeted "smart" ads?
  • Targeted Ads appear on the SMTnet Search results pages based on the keywords in the visitor's query. For example: if a SMTnet visitor uses "soldering" in the Search query, he or she will see ads for soldering-related companies.
  • What is a pre-trade show ad?
  • A trade show booth promotion or any other event attendance promotion. This ad will run in addition to your regular banners without altering their appearance ratio.
  • What ads are accepted in SMTnet weekly e-newsletter?
  • Our newsletter is sent out to over 20,000 subscribers every week. We offer advertising space for a 125x125 square banner.
    • Square Banner (125x125px)
  • What format and sizes are accepted for ads on SMTnet?
    • File formats: gif, jpg, swf (flash files must have link embedded)
    • Graphic ad maximum size: 200kb
    • Text ad maximum size: 125 characters
  • Can SMTnet create graphic banners for me?
  • Yes, You may supply your own banners per our specifications or SMTnet designers can create them for you. You will be asked about what you want to promote and provide all necessary materials such as logo or product images.
  • Banner creation is free for customers that have purchased 500,000 ad views/year and higher advertising packages, or an Equipment Trader Gold and higher package.
  • Banner ad design rates:

Ad Type


Full Banner (468x60px)


Mini Skyscraper (120x240px)


Medium Skyscraper (160x300px)


Square Banner (125x125px)


Button (100x50px)


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