Webinar: BGA and Area Array Process Defects - Causes & Cures


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Tue, February 12, 2019


This webinar is FREE to attend and is provided by SMTA Europe. The webinar will be presented by Keith Bryant and will also include a brand-new guide to defects produced by Keith and available to SMTA members. During the presentation the methods of detecting defects in manufacture will be discussed and the growing need for more advanced methods.

With many years working in PCB manufacture and assembly Keith has investigated most defect types. As component and substrate technology becomes more advanced, new issues require modification to inspection methods which will be considered during the session.

The BGA & Area Array Defect Guide is a colour booklet featuring both optical and x-ray examples of common and not so common defects. The examples may be cosmetic or electrical failures found during investigation in manufacture. Each defect type is discussed with possible causes and cures. This guide is one of many guides being made available from SMTA.

During the webinar the following will be discussed:

  • Area Array Inspection methods
  • Inspection criteria

Selected defect types include:

  • Opens
  • Shorts
  • Voids
  • Head on Pillow
  • Solder wicking
  • Solder beads
  • PCB plating variations
  • Plating voids



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