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SMT Machine Programmer

Date Posted:

January 30, 2008

Job Category:

Engineering Production


Moorpark, California, USA

Job Description:

:SMT Programming Engineer. Responsibility: Providing leadership for the operations in the work center by presenting a positive, professional, and unbiased attitude towards all employees. Positively reinforce the goals of the company. Generate Programs for the Pick and Place and the Epoxy machines for all Customers and Assemblies. Evaluate all the CAD files form customer during the quoting process to assure data is accurate for the scope of the work. Training and audits of operators to insure all requirements are being met. Working with Mgt. on scheduling of lines and personnel. Responsible for daily production goals. Works with Engineering on establishing and documenting STD's for production. Evaluate all software needs based on process requirements and technologies. Accountability: for Quality of work performed within the work center. To communicate to Engineering, Quality and Mgt. in the event of a materials issue and or scheduling problems. Basic supervision of the operators in their work center. Authority: This position has the authority to reject any materials, which may not meet requirements to include stopping a job. Assignment of personnel as required. Authority to stop the line in the event of any failure to meet Quality requirements. Authority to alert Mgt. and Engineering to any issue which might compromise Quality, Production, or Safety. Experience with the following machines, programs and software are preferred/helpful. Troubleshooting capability also helpful. Machines: Panasert ( Panasonic) chip shooter Zavatech/Juki Insertion chip shooter Conceptronics ovens and temperature profiles, Programs/software: MS-DOS,Linux,Panapro, Unicam, GerberCam. Please note: Currently EMLinQ, is not offering sponser or issue visa's for oversea's applicants. Currently not offering moving or relocation allowances.

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