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SMT Manufacturing Engineer

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May 22, 2012

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Moorpark , California, USA

Job Description:

Responsible for the set up of the SMT line, Wave Solder Machine and actual production.  Maintain, program and operate line equipment.  Troubleshoot and repair equipment, coordinating with vendors when necessary.

  • Develop standards for stencil appitures. Responsible for the acquisition of stencils, fixtures, tools, equipment and supplies and file conversion. Solder paste application and reflow profiling and wave solder profile
  • Proficiently program and debug the production of prototypes.  Oversee all process documentation.  Implement corrective action in the program, process or production of product.  Creation of written procedures / visual aides.
  • Develop and implement Corrective Actions to the SMT and Wave processes, as required, to improve/assure product quality.  Troubleshoot as necessary and escalate to appropriate internal or external resources.  Preventative maintenance and repair of all equipment. 
  • Write operating instructions and work instructions for x-ray, rework and air vac equipment.  Maintain fixtures, record purchases based on business needs and train operators.  Other duties as necessary 
  • BS Qualified Degree.  IPC-A-610 knowledge.

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