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SMT Technician/Programmer

Date Posted:

September 12, 2013

Job Category:

Production Quality Control


Woodinville, Washington, USA

Job Description:

Supervisor:  Production Manager

Shift: 1st 7am-3:30pm

SMT Technician:  An SMT (surface mount technology) technician uses SMT equipment and machinery to produce a quality product.  The SMT technician will use screen printers, pick and place machines, standard soldering tools and equipment, feeders and reflow ovens. SMT technicians verify, inspect and audit products and order ops. SMT technicians perform operator level maintenance on machines and ensure that the assembled products meet the required industry standards.

SMT Operator Responsibilities

  • Experienced programming Universal 4681A GSM
  • Responsible for both automated and manual surface mount manufacturing
  • Responsible for set-up, loading programs, operation, process control and adjustment/profiling of SMT equipment
  • Monitors and maintains equipment to meet company standards
  • Train and supervise other associates in operation of equipment
  • Read work orders and prepare equipment to process the products
  • Operator level preventive maintenance
  • May be responsible for quality assurance and documentation
  • Responsible for daily, weekly logs and reports
  • Keep area neat and organized
  • Observe safe production practices
  • Responsible for planning/maintaining PCBA inventory

Qualifications and Experience

  • Must have excellent organizational skills, problem solving techniques, and the ability to communicate well in a team environment.  Ability to follow directions, interpret and work from written instructions, and make sound judgments when operating production equipment.
  • Must have knowledge of electronic components identification
  • Must have knowledge of set-up, operation and maintenance of Universal 4681A GSM
  • Must have the ability to read and understand assembly drawings
  • Proficient soldering skills
  • Ability to read and write fluent English
  • Good verbal and written communication skills, including ability to fill out daily records and logs
  • Intermediate computer skills
  • Must be able to distinguish colors, fine circuit detail, and tones
  • Must be able to lift 40 lbs
  • Understanding of IPC 610


  • High School Diploma or GED
  • Requires 5+ years of SMT equipment operation
  • Machine training certification is preferred
  • Certification in soldering is a plus
  • Certification in inspection is a plus

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