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SMT Lead Machine Operator

Date Posted:

April 21, 2014

Job Category:

Engineering Maintenance Production Quality Control

Company Division:

SMT Assembly


Newbury Park, California, USA

Job Description:


Proficient with Stencil Print Operations.
Familiarity with SMT component types and packages.
Ability to read and understand procedure document and work instructions.

Operate fully automated SMT, Surface Mount Lines including: Screen Printer, Pick-n-Place Machines, Reflow oven and AOI.

1. Operation responsibilities:

Responsible for everyday machine operations.
SMT line start-up & shut down.
Verification of run and first article inspections.
Complete all production paper work in a consistent, timely manner.
Perform all required SPC, must be able to react properly to results from SPC.
Must be able to interpret all production paperwork.
Organize responsibilities to achieve maximum output to meet production and quality requirements.

2. Set-up responsibilities:

Perform all software setups of the SMT line (stencil printer, placement machines, oven).
Perform reflow oven profile changes, as required.
Perform all component kit set-ups and change-overs on placement machines.
Assist in trouble shooting SMT line when needed.
3. Understand and follow all applicable quality system procedures. Perform all assigned responsibilities outlined in the quality system.
4. To understand and accurately interpret all IPC-A-610 Standards.
5. Follow established product handling procedures consistently.
6. Comply with ESD guidelines at all times.

1. To assist in any department that requires additional help.
2. Perform other duties as needed to support the customers, the manufacturing processes and the Quality Systems company wide. This includes following procedures, work instruction and completing all related documentation.


Four Years+ SMT operator or Service tech experience.


1. High School diploma or equivalent.
2. Math & basic number skills (addition, subtraction, multiplication, division), use of whole numbers, decimals, and fractions.
3. Basic data entry skills for computer applications.
4. Must be able to read, interpret, and consistently follow drawings, engineering specifications, floor manufacturing procedures, customer specification, data packs, and workmanship quality standards.

Assembleon Gem Line. Yamaha. MPM speedline. AOI SPI

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