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Circuit Board Repair Technician

Date Posted:

September 2, 2014

Job Category:

Engineering Maintenance Production

Company Division:



Orlando, Florida, USA

Job Description:

***Position Available Immediately***

Amber Diagnostics looking for a steady, flexible, hardworking, problem solver with multiple skills to work at our refurbishing facility in Orlando, FL.

We buy, sell and refurbish radiology medical equipment such as MRIs and CT Scanners nationally and internationally.

Successful candidate should be able to:

  • Analyze, troubleshoot, and repair printed circuit board (PCB) and/or peripherals of diagnostic or therapeutic imaging equipment and systems to factory condition.
  • Diagnose cause of electrical problem for the purpose of identifying equipment and/or system repair and replace needs by utilizing provided test equipment and electronic principals.
  • Replace electrical components using both leaded and lead free solder.
  • Documents and maintains accurate records of all inspections, repairs, adjustments, etc. performed on all equipment.
  • Request equipment and supplies for the purpose of maintaining inventory and ensuring availability of required items to complete the necessary installation/repair.
  • Research and obtain schematics if necessary
  • Work independently and with initiative

The following skills would be a plus:

  • Advanced software development/production experience.
  • Experience with radiography and diagnostic imaging equipment
  • Electrical/Mechanical or Engineering background

Excellent benefits. Please contact us today.

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