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CCA Quality Manager

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October 28, 2014

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Quality Control

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Killdeer, North Dakota, USA

Job Description:

Summary of Responsibilities:

The purpose of this position is to provide guidance and support to the Quality Department in the area of the Site Quality Managers responsibility and to provide a work environment where coworkers have the tools, training and leadership to ensure a quality product is provided to KMM customers.  The Site Quality Managers goal is to assist in improving profits & cash flow through process improvements.  They have the responsibility to communicate concise and clear data to assist and strive to eliminate waste in all areas, provide a stable workflow while meeting program schedules and improving processes, to assist the team in process improvements and providing input to training needs through defect and process improvement data and to monitor and insure that a quality product is produced through teamwork.  To do this, the Site Quality Manager is responsible for the overall performance of all processes and personnel delegated to their oversight. 

This position is considered a leadership position for their designated area of responsibility and as a KMM representative will conduct themselves in a professional manner with employees, coworkers and the customer and at all times be responsive and respectful. 

These responsibilities include but are not limited to:  Process Improvements, Quality of Product, Manpower Scheduling, NCR’s, Personnel Skill Assessments, Training, & Meetings.  This position requires a minimum of weekly reporting on the current reporting format to the designated leadership.  This includes but is not limited to the duties and responsibilities listed below.

The Site Quality Manager (Site QM) shall have the responsibility and authority that includes but not limited to*:
a)  Ensuring that processes needed for the quality management system are established, implemented and maintained,
b) Direct day to day operations of Quality staff,
c) Reporting to top management on the performance of the quality management system and any need for improvement,
d) Ensuring the promotion of awareness of customer requirements throughout the organization, and
e) The organizational freedom to resolve matters pertaining to quality.

Ensures all KMM products and services meet and/or exceed the customer expectations.
This position is responsible for implementing a quality program throughout the designated organization and works with all areas of the organization to understand the impact of the quality program on each area’s operations.
Teaching others of the importance of the quality system and how low and high quality effects the organization.
Primary duties and responsibilities:

• Monitor and report on a regular basis to production the overall program status which includes daily/weekly attention as required through 4 square minimum inputs.  These reports shall be in the standard approved format:
o Continuous improvement
o Status of Preventive and Corrective actions
o Internal and external quality and delivery metrics
o Customer complaints/feedback
o Recommendations for improvement
o Resource needs 
o Process performance and product conformity
o Results of Audits
• Define duties and provide daily direction to staff.
• Interface with Customer Supplier Quality Representatives on matters pertaining to product quality or KMM QMS.
• Responsible for the effective implementation of KMM’s CAPA (Corrective Action/Preventative Action) program.
• Responsible for the effective implementation of KMM’s Internal Audit Program.  Ensure effective internal auditing of the QMS. (Quality Management System), and act as an Audit Guide for 3rd party audits.
• Provides the necessary Quality Department resources to ensure the effective implementation of KMM Scientific Quality Toolkit Tools. (Lean, CAPA, Internal Audits, Customer Satisfaction, Survey’s)
• Responsible for ensuring prompt notification to KMM’s customers of any changes to Quality System status.  (e.g., third party registration, ISO, AS, NADCAP, ITAR)
• Responsible for ensuring effective notification to customer of any product quality escapes as defined in KMM NOE (Notification of Escapes) process.
• Responsible for customer notification of any design or process changes either by KMM or KMM sub tier supplied parts that effect fit, form, function or safety of product.
• Evaluate and provide the necessary support for the inspection of product through manpower allocation, metric reporting and/or training assistance as needed for product and facility requirements
o Receiving inspection
o In process inspection
o Final inspection
o First Article inspection
• Responsible for ensuring that all First Article requirements are properly flowed down through supply chain activities.
• Responsible for ensuring effective implementation of KMM documented Product Realization processes.
o Contract Review (initial)
o Drawing change evaluation (on-going changes)
o Risk assessments
o Statutory and/or regulatory changes
o Identify and document required verification, validation, monitoring, and inspection activities specific to the product and the criteria for product acceptance
o Additional requirements determined by KMM
• Assist in the development of quality objectives. (program goals, FPY objectives, HR policies, program training, procedures and work standards where applicable for the program).
• Develop a training/evaluation/competency plan for all responsibilities within the quality organization.
• Provide input for the selection, training, professional development and work evaluation of staff and makes recommendations on hiring, termination, promotion and discipline as required.
• Monitor and stay abreast with technology, legal (i.e. ITAR & Export Laws) and operational changes that affect the activities and work processes of the program; make recommendations for and develop and carry out improvement to the program to meet changing mission parameters and requirements.
• Provide feedback and recommendations to the Human Resource department for hiring, terminations, promotions or any other change of status of other employees.
• Must be able to perform inspection of product as needed to assist in filling manpower needs or evaluation of material as it relates to accept/reject criteria.
• This individual has the responsibility and authority to carry out assigned tasks.
*Performs other related duties and assignments as required

Education, prior work experience, and skills and knowledge: 

The position requires the employee to have proficient computer skills as well as a working knowledge of Microsoft Word, Microsoft Dynamics, Microsoft Excel and Outlook. A working knowledge of required software (i.e. Charting Software, reporting software etc. were applicable) that is used for specific tasks. In addition, the position requires good leadership and communication skills, and the ability to professionally handle employee issues as they arise.

Additional education in leadership management and skill development is a requirement of this position.  This position will require initiative and willingness to pursue continual personal growth in the management area to keep current with company goals and trends.

This position requires working with and being able to understand intricate mechanical tools and devices, so aptitude in these areas is essential.  A background in technical or mechanical skills is recommended.  This job requires being able to read and interpret technical drawings and documents.

Physical requirements, i.e. vision, lifting, standing, sitting, etc, and environment/working conditions:

While performing the duties of this job, the employee may have to sit, stand or walk for extended periods depending on the daily requirements. This position requires the ability to move freely throughout the production area and must be able to inspect product from a sitting and/or standing position.  Frequent use of a computer and related programs will be required.  Some lifting (35-50 lbs) may be required in support of production process inspections. Must pass both KMM Employee and QA Department vision exam to ensure ability to review and inspect product.

Equipment and machinery used: 

The position requires the use of a computer, related software and a variety of hand tools necessary in completing job tasks.  These may include but not limited to the use of a microscope, caliper and other vision related equipment for product verification.
To perform the job successfully, an individual should demonstrate the following competencies to perform the essential functions of this position.
• Analytical—the individual synthesizes complex or diverse information and can interpret the information as needed to internal and external teammates.  The individual can analyze work performed and verify accuracy and completion of tasks.
• Problem Solving—the individual identifies and resolves problems in a timely manner and gathers and analyzes information skillfully by using knowledge gained through work experience.  The individual provides process improvement ideas and solutions to problems and is proactive in addressing potential issues.  The individual embraces the concept of team participation in problem solving and understands the importance of seeking assistance when needed.
• Oral and Written Communication—the individual communicates clearly and respectfully with others and avoids situations that are negative and potentially destructive to the team environment.  The individual communicates with the team to effectively provide input for process improvements and lean activities to enhance product and work environment. The individual speaks clearly and respectfully at all times including stressful situations, demonstrates group presentation skills and conducts meetings. The individual can work effectively with all levels of coworkers and can communicate in clear, understandable and concise language.  The individual must be able to effectively communicate through written media through various forms of communication both internal and external. 
• Delegation—the individual delegates work assignments based on individual competencies and contract or project needs, gives authority to work independently however retains the accountability for the outcome of the delegated tasks, sets expectations, timelines and monitors delegated activities.
• Leadership—the individual inspires others to perform well and is willing to accept feedback from others.  This individual must be able to show leadership through personal actions and a good solid work ethic that promotes teamwork and enthusiasm.  The ability to listen and understand problems and issues clearly and to recognize subordinate or coworker problem, issues and frustrations with processes to assist in resolving these problems is critical to this function.  The individual understands and practices a servant leadership attitude and treats everyone with respect and understanding while providing guidance and direction.
• Time Management Skills—the individual effectively manages work time to ensure that they are engaged and focused to provide a quality product in the allocated timeframe.  The individual must be able to effectively manage their time to avoid unnecessary absenteeism or time away from the work area.
• Management Skills— the individual can effectively manage projects or programs through effective time management and ensure that critical issues are resolved in a timely manner.  Effective organization skills and daily attention to the elimination of waste in personal, department, and production processes is required.  The individual includes staff in planning, decision-making, facilitating and process improvement, makes self available to staff and provides regular performance feedback, has a plan for the development of subordinates’ skills and encourages growth within their organization.
• Quality Management— the individual looks for ways to improve and promote quality and demonstrates accuracy and thoroughness.  The individual is engaged in the operation requirements to provide a quality product in all steps of the process.  The individual can understand and follow all quality requirements and will seek assistance where necessary. The individual demonstrates an understanding of the importance of the quality of work necessary to meet the customer expectations and the importance of their function in that process.  The individual meets the measurement for FPY where applicable and strives to make improvements where necessary. Evaluation of quality reports daily to assist production operations where necessary to eliminate quality defects.
• Judgment— the individual understands the complexity and importance of the job function and demonstrates this through quality work and attention to detail. The individual displays willingness to make decisions, exhibits sound and accurate judgment and makes timely decisions. The individual is willing to seek assistance where needed.  The individual shows good judgment by adherence to company policies and procedures. This competency will be demonstrated through improved productivity, FPY, and an increase in certifications.  This individual must have the ability to listen and engage others to understand and ensure that decisions affecting them have their input and ideas evaluated.
• Planning/Organizing—the individual prioritizes and plans work activities, uses time efficiently.  The individual participates in 5S + Safety daily and keeps a clean and organized work area.
• Lean / Process Improvements – the individual has an understanding of the lean environment goals and is actively engaged in process improvements in all areas of responsibility.
• Safety and Security—the individual actively promotes and personally observes safety and security procedures, and uses equipment and materials properly, and provides assistance as needed to the Safety Committee.


It is KMM’s expectation that the employee will know, understand and adhere to all KMM policies, procedures, standards of conduct and adhere to KMM Mission Statement and Values.  They must be trustworthy, honest, dependable, and able to work and be a part of the teamwork environment at KMM.  In addition the employee must be self motivated and exemplify good attention to detail and strive for 100% quality as well as be able to handle the job pressure of schedules and customer changes as well as occasional interruptions.  There may be times where extra hours are necessary to meet customer delivery requirements.

The continued success of KMM is reliant upon the engagement of employees to provide continuous improvements through lean activities and process improvement activities and recommendations.  Quality of product is paramount to KMM and the employee’s continued employment and as such the ability to perform the functions of the job will be evaluated on a regular basis to ensure that these requirements are met.

Communication and transparency are critical to the success of this position.  The Site Quality Manager must foster a culture of commitment and proactive response to any KMM coworker or customer. Clear communication with supervisors in regards to production understanding of the process is paramount to the program success and employee success.

As a KMM employee it is an expectation that you will treat coworkers with respect and will refrain from any comments or actions at work, in public or on public networking sites that could be considered as liable or degrading to KMM or your fellow employees.  KMM has no tolerance for discriminatory behavior of any kind.

This position is considered a leadership position and through your contact with customers, vendors, community members and fellow employees is a representative of KMM and is therefore expected to be performed in a professional manner at all times.

This position may require travel for training, to customers and/or other KMM facilities as needed and this may include working at other locations periodically and/or possibly for extended periods of time to support operations and fulfill job requirements In the event that a KMM vehicle is not available for use the employee will be required to provide their own transportation. 

This job description is not intended as a written contract or a promise of continued employment but a guide to job duty requirements.  Other tasks or duties may be assigned as needed to perform the daily operations to provide customer satisfaction and a quality product.

This document is considered proprietary to KMM and may not be copied, transmitted or shared outside KMM without express written permission from the H. R. Director or KMM Executive Management.
KMM is an Equal Opportunity Employer M/F/D and a Drug, Alcohol and Weapons Free Workplace

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