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CCA Production & Process Engineering Technician

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October 28, 2014

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Killdeer, North Dakota, USA

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The purpose of this position is to provide guidance and support to the production operations in the area of responsibility and to provide a work environment where coworkers have the tools, training and leadership to build a quality product with the goal to improve profits & cash flow.  They will have the responsibility to communicate concise and clear data to assist and strive to eliminate waste, provide a stable workflow through assistance with process improvements and lean activities. Assist the team in process improvements and providing input to training needs through defect and process improvement data and to monitor and insure that a quality product is produced through teamwork.  Information needed to perform these tasks is KMM and customer confidential and requires an understanding of these expectations.
The Production & Process Engineering Technicians’ responsibilities are to participate as a leadership team member to ensure the team needs are met in regard to:  production processes and customer quality and delivery through engagement with Manufacturing Supervisors, Team Leads, Engineering, Quality personnel and production operators.  To perform this responsibility it will require reviewing customer’s documentation and interpreting them accurately into KMM work instructions and work aids. Included but not limited to BTP’s, build processes, unique processes, BOM’s, routers, production jigs and layouts. Determine the correct tooling and consumables for building circuit card assemblies which may require communication with customer engineering and KMM procurement group. Direct communication with customers, vendors and coworkers to engage in everyday problem solving, assist and/or perform Andon training, provide direct operator support in building assemblies, provide leadership in continuous improvement activities to create flow in production, provide engineering assistance to the bidding process with accurate labor bids derived from current VSM and Cycle time data, and provide engineering assistance to other programs within KMM if needed.  This position will be collaborating with their Leadership team members to provide team member accountability and ensure the successful accomplishment of the various tasks and duties needed to support production operations.
The Production & Process Engineer Technician will uphold company policies, and support training as a KMM Production Process Expert PPE or as Training Engineering support and continuous improvement.

Give specific duties that the position will be required to do; you do not have to give the detail of how it will be done but just what is to be done.
1. Production Engineering:
a. Create and update as needed Work Instructions from Customer documentation.
i. Create and update as needed build to packages (BTP).
ii. Create production documentation and aids using  CircuitCam/Checkpoint software and ensure that the data is updated and accurate to customer and quality requirements.
iii. Determine tooling and materials needed by production floor.
iv. Assist/lead Tooling calibration
v. Input of Bill of Material (BOM) into Dynamics
vi. Input Router into Dynamics
b. Drawing Change Evaluations (DCE) and implementation into existing configuration management system
c. Revision control of all customer documentation to KMM configuration management
d. Evaluate and distribute customer returns.
i. Define responsibility
ii. Write manufacturing logs as needed.
e. Corrective Action and Root cause analysis.
i. Develop any training/actions needed for implementation of corrective actions.
ii. Work with Quality in submittal to customer
f. Review and understand Customer Spec’s.
i. Use of Customer Portal for Spec updates, drawing changes Etc
g. General Problem Solving
h. Training:  Write or help write training, conduct or help conduct training.
i. Facilitate, Assist, Participate and Document Andon trainings
i. Participate in Lean Activities and assist production in implementation of point of improvement ideas.  Participate in lean walks and continually evaluate current practices with the goal of eliminating waste in production operations.
j. Assist with programming production equipment
k. Assist with Bidding labor for new programs.
l. Writing and ensuring the timely incorporation of Action Logs as needed.
m. Writing of WD’s and MI’s as needed
n. Writing of general instructions including WD’s and MI’s.
o. Additional tasks as assigned
2. Wear appropriate personal protective equipment as required by job task.
3. Adhere to all KMM safety policies and practices as well as manufacturer recommendations on operation of all equipment and tools
4. Utilize customer CAD/Centroid/Gerber data to create programs on various assembly and inspection machines.  Debug programs and train and support operators
5. This individual has the responsibility and authority to carry out assigned tasks
6. Performs other related duties and assignments as required

1. This position requires a two (2) year technical degree, or a minimum of  two (2) years work experience in related field, or has demonstrated through work experience at KMM the necessary skills to perform this function.
2. Able to understand/interpret Customer Product Specifications with reasonable length of time for training
3. Ability to read written instructions, drawings, specification and ensure that other written and visual standards are being followed
4. Excel, Word, PowerPoint, Access, Dynamics, Visio, Acrobat, AutoCAD, etc. computer skills
5. Additionally, this position requires the employee is able to communicate (verbally and written) fluently in the English language.
6. A high level of mechanical aptitude is required.  This includes disassembly, repair, and reassembly of complex computer controlled equipment. 
These requirements may be temporarily adjusted or modified at the time of the opening and will be based on current labor availability and staffing needs.  In these instances it is expected the employee will be able to meet all requirements within 180 days of accepting the position.

1. This position requires the daily use of a computer and computer related software.  The employee must be able to accurately and proficiently enter and retrieve data as needed for the job tasks. 
2. Standard office equipment such as copiers, calculators etc will be used, etc.
3. Manufacturing tooling and equipment used in the production operations.
4. Computer controlled specialized equipment to solder, place components, inspect, coat, and clean circuit boards.

1. Mobility to move about production floor
2. Use a computer to be able to write processes and work instructions as required for responsibilities
3. Occasional lifting up to 50 pounds as needed to perform engineering tasks
4. This job may require long periods of sitting and standing to assist production operations throughout the day
5. Must have the ability to communicate clearly using different types of standard office communication media (i.e. written communication, verbal communication, telephone communication, email)

To perform the job successfully, an individual should demonstrate the following competencies to perform the essential functions of this position.
1. Analytical—the individual synthesizes complex or diverse information and can interpret the information as needed accurately to internal and external teammates.  The individual can analyze work performed and verify accuracy and completion of tasks.  This competency will be demonstrated through improved productivity and FYP..
2. Problem Solving—the individual identifies and resolves problems in a timely manner and gathers and analyzes information skillfully by using knowledge gained through work experience and education.  The individual provides process improvement ideas and solutions to problems and is proactive in addressing potential issues.  The individual embraces the concept of team participation in problem solving and understands the importance of seeking and providing assistance when needed.  This competency will be demonstrated through improved factory productivity and FPY.
3. Oral and Written Communication—the individual communicates clearly and respectfully with others and avoids situations that are negative and potentially destructive to the team environment. The individual communicates with the team to effectively provide input for process improvements and lean activities to enhance product and work environment.  The individual speaks clearly and persuasively at all times including stressful situations, demonstrates group presentation skills and the ability to conducts meetings.  The individual can work effectively will all levels of coworkers and can communicate in clear, understandable and concise language.  The individual must be able to effectively communicate through various forms of communication written and verbal, internal and external.
4. Leadership—the individual inspires others to perform well, accepts feedback from others and works as a teammate to accomplish the common goal.  This individual must be able to show leadership through personal actions and a good solid work ethic that promotes teamwork and enthusiasm.  The ability to listen and understand problems and issues clearly and to recognize operator problem, issues and frustrations with processes to assist in resolving these problems is critical to this function.  The individual understands and practices a servant leadership attitude and treats everyone with respect and understanding while providing guidance, assistance and direction.
5. Time Management Skills—the individual effectively manages work time to ensure that they are engaged and focused to provide necessary engineering assistance to the area assigned.  The individual must be able to effectively manage their time to avoid unnecessary absenteeism or time away from work and set the example for others.
6. Management Skills—the individual can effectively manage projects through effective time management and ensure that critical issues are resolved in a timely manner.  Effective organization skills and daily attention to the elimination of waste in personal and production processes is required; provides regular performance feedback; has a plan for the development of subordinates’ skills and encourages growth within their organization.
7. Quality Management—the individual looks for ways to improve and promote quality and demonstrates accuracy and thoroughness.   Evaluation of quality reports daily to assist production operations where necessary to eliminate quality defects.  The individual is engaged in the operation requirements to provide a quality product in all steps of the process.  The individual demonstrates an understanding of the importance of quality of work necessary to meet the customer expectations and the importance of their function in that process.
8. Judgment—the individual displays willingness to make decisions, exhibits sound and accurate judgment and makes timely decisions.  This individual must have the ability to listen and engage others to understand and ensure that decisions affecting them have their input and ideas evaluated.  The individual understand the complexity and importance of the job function and demonstrates this through quality work and attention to detail.
9. Planning/Organizing—the individual prioritizes and plans work activities, uses time efficiently and develops realistic action plans.  The individual participates in 5S + Safety daily and keeps a clean and organized work area.
10. Lean / Process Improvements – the individual has an understanding of the lean environment goals and is actively engaged in process improvements in all areas of responsibility.
11. Safety and Security—the individual actively promotes and personally observes safety and security procedures, and uses equipment and materials properly and provides assistance as needed to the Safety Committee.

It is KMM’s expectation that the employee will know, understand and adhere to all KMM policies, procedures, standards of conduct and adhere to KMM Engineering Technician expectations, Mission Statement and Values.  They must be trustworthy, honest, dependable, and able to work and be a part of the teamwork environment at KMM.  In addition the employee must be self motivated and exemplify good attention to detail strive for 100% quality 100% of the time as well as be able to handle the job pressure of schedules and customer changes as well as occasional interruptions.  There may be times were extra hours are necessary to meet customer delivery requirements.  This position requires a certain level of independence and self assurance as well as critical thinking for decision making.
The continued success of KMM is reliant upon the engagement of employees to provide continuous improvements through lean activities and process improvement activities and recommendations.  Quality of product is paramount to KMM and the employee’s continued employment and as such the ability to perform the functions of the job will be evaluated on a regular basis to ensure that these requirements are met.
Communication and transparency are critical to the success of this position.  The Engineer Technician must foster a culture of commitment and proactive response to any KMM coworker or customer.  This position is considered a leadership position and employee is representing KMM through their contact with customers, vendors and fellow employees and is expected to present themselves in a professional manner at all times.
As a KMM employee it is an expectation that you will treat coworkers with respect and will refrain from any comments or actions at work, in public or on public networking sites that could be considered as liable or degrading to KMM or your fellow employees. KMM has no tolerance for discriminatory behavior of any kind.
This position may require travel for training, to customers and/or other KMM facilities as needed and this may include working at other locations periodically and/or possibly for extended periods of time to support operations and fulfill job requirements In the event that a KMM vehicle is not available for use the employee will be required to provide their own transportation. 
This job description is not intended as a written contract or a promise of continued employment but a guide to job duty requirements.  Other tasks or duties may be assigned as needed to perform the daily operations to provide customer satisfaction and a quality product.
This document is considered proprietary to KMM and may not be copied, transmitted or shared outside KMM without express written permission from the H. R. Director or KMM Executive Management.

KMM is an Equal Opportunity Employer M/F/D and a Drug, Alcohol and Weapons Free Workplace

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