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Date Posted:

June 12, 2000

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Engineering Production Sales/Marketing


Hong Kong, China

Job Description:

Part Time Engineer - Freelance Looking for any engineer who support for sourcing used PCB assembly equipment in worlwide (USA, Europe or other countries) Commision base : USD 1,000 to USD 30,000 Any person can provide information on Used machine (SMT or AI) for sale, such as the Fuji CP6, CP4, CP3, MVII, GL, Panasert MVIIV, MVIIF, MVIIC, MVII, MSHIII, MSH, MK machine, or Sony, KME, Sanyo, Yamah, Philips, MPM, DEK, Universal etc. Who can source the machine from any company. After pass the information to us, we will discss with those company. For any sucessful order, we will pay commision on it. For failure order, we will pay on allowance. For detail, please feel free to contact us. * All applicant information will be keep in confidential. Please E-mail us for detail.

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