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Cable Wire Assembly Tech

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December 9, 2021

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Norcross, Georgia, USA

Job Description:

Cable Wire Assembler
Reports to: Supervisor
Perform quality checks for daily activities such as mechanical assembly, cable wiring, and etc. in a group under the supervisor's vision. Wire the panels by following the provided point-to-point drawings. Follow work instructions and understand drawings. Have to use tools such as power drill and Panduit's Crimper to layout parts and crimp wires respectively. Lift SIS cable and wired panels that could weigh up 100 lbs. Organize individual tool kit and cable area and maintain a safe working environment. Capture daily or per panel work log and give it to the supervisor. Must be able to work efficient and communicate well within the group.
Minimum Educational/Qualifications:
Must read and understand drawings (point-to-point connections)
Must be able to read and follow work instructions
Experience with hand tools such as screw driver, drills, crimpers, wire stripper, and etc.
Must be able to lift up to 50lbs packages
Must be able to record work logs
Must have reliable transportation
Experience with PC, Microsoft Word, and Excel is a Plus.
Previous experience in cable and wiring assembly is a plus.
Must be a team player
* Some accommodations may be made for those who do not speak fluent English. Some positions require basic reading and English speaking . Please see hiring manager for communication requirements!

Minimum Previous Experience:
Minimum Additional Training:
Experience with the Schleuniger's Cut & Strip machine is a plus
Understanding schematic is a plus
Experience with Panduit's Crimpers is a plus
Bilingual communication skills a plus (Vietnamese/Spanish)

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