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SMT Equipment Technician/Maintenance Technician

Date Posted:

October 14, 2008

Job Category:

Engineering Maintenance Production Technical Support


Paco, Manila, Philippines

Willing to Relocate?:


Summary of Qualifications:

• Operation, Programming & Troubleshooting of following machines:
• Fuji Machine GP641E, CP642, CP6, CP643E, IPIII, QP242E, QP341E MM using F4g, Fujicam and Fujiflexa Software.
• YVL88II,YV88X, YV100II,YV100XG,YG200XG ( Chip shooter & IC Placer) by Yamaha
• Automated Screen Printer ( Minami, SP28 & SP60 )
• Reflow Oven ( Eightech,Heller )
• Panasert MV2BV,MPAG3,MSR,MV2VB,MV2F,MPAV,CM301,CM202,CM402,CM401 (ChipMounter & IC Placer) by Panasonic Programming using PT100 & PT200 for Panasonic Machine.
• Windows 98/2000

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